MBC 생방송 오늘아침

2023년 3월 17일

This show originally aired on March 17, 2023 at 8:30am on Korean TV (broadcast by MBC). It covers the ongoing story of an American father (John Sichi) from San Francisco whose children were abducted to South Korea and still haven't been returned to California. And it connects it to the case of Jay Sung from the Seattle area, whose son was also abducted to Korea. The full video is not available online, but you can click on the screenshots below to watch some brief clips of the highlights.

More information   Watch an abridged version of the video on Facebook, with English voiceover

Introduction: a foreigner on a treadmill in Seoul?

Explanation: John Sichi is protesting, trying to get his kids back

Here he is walking on the treadmill out on the street, making citizens curious

Images of John and his family in happier times.

John explains that unanimous court decisions in both California and Korea stated that his children were supposed to return to San Francisco with him

Korean court orders: fines and 30-day detention for the mother because she did not return the children

Sending a message to the mother to get her side of the story, but unable to get any response, so instead let's look at her allegations from trial documents stating that it would be dangerous for the children to return home with John.

Videos of John enjoying time with his children: they don't look scared of him.

The court decisions reject the false allegations since there's no evidence for them. And then John explains a basic concept: at least in the US, people are actually expected to follow court orders, and that includes both adults and children!

John explains that California is the only safe place to raise his children, since the Korean authorities have demonstrated their inability to enforce court orders

John's case is similar to the case of Jay Sung and his abducted son Bryan from the Seattle area (pseudonyms and actors are used in some of the scenes)

Jay also obtained many court orders for Bryan's return, but still hasn't been able to get them enforced.

A legal expert explains that Korea has been found in violation of its Hague Convention treaty obligations, and also how frustrating it is for left-behind parents not to be able to get court orders enforced

The Hague Convention helps parents like John locate their abducted children, so John goes to the children's latest address (as confirmed by the US State Department) to try to visit them

John asks the security guard and neighbors whether the children are living here, but learns that they have been moved away to a new unknown location once again

John recounts a story about a previous time he tried to meet his children at the court visitation center during the trial, and breaks down remembering how sad he was when they never showed up

All John can do now is continue his protest and keep trying to ask for help from anyone he can

Psychology expert Dr. Song Mikang explains how a proper enforcement procedure would separate the children from the abductor, and give them a chance to understand the situation and express themselves without duress

John sends his love to his children through the camera

Closing remarks: abductors should face more serious consequences in order to get them to comply with court orders