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English Storyboards for Korean TV news show above

English Storyboards for Korean TV news show above

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This is the story of an international parental child abduction which has been going on for over four years now. The US State Department website explains how the Hague Abduction Convention is supposed to help get children back quickly to the left-behind parent (in this case, the father). The US and South Korea are treaty partners under this convention, and courts in both countries have ruled with finality that the children should be returned to him in California. However, the authorities responsible have failed to enforce the court orders.

As a result, the children have become completely cut off from their father, their extended family, and their American heritage...for no valid reason whatsoever. Not even videochat is possible.

You can find more information in the resources section, including a detailed timeline of the abduction story.

Treadmill Protest

Since October 2022, the left-behind parent has been carrying out single-person outdoor public demonstrations at various locations around the city of Seoul. Walking at each site for hours per day on a portable treadmill, he yearns to be reunited with his children. Please show your support and help him reach them!

If you are able to assist with accessing government officials or journalists in either the US or Korea, please email the left-behind parent directly at

If you are in the USA, you can also use this template to write to your Congressional representatives.

And please follow along on social media to lend your support and keep up to date on activism campaign opportunities and the latest developments in this case:

Treadmill Protest


Documents About the Case

Life in San Francisco
Limited Access During Court Proceedings in Korea
San Francisco and Seoul Agree: Bring the Kids Back!
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